The Mystery Behind Black Fingernail Fungus

A fungus infection in the fingernail is very common. However, a type of infection called black fungus is both rare and extremely uncomfortable. All types of funguses like to grow in warm and moist environment. The ideal environment is under the fingernail.


How the Infection under the Nail Forms

The fungus survives and multiplies under the fingernail bed and deprives the nail of its food, which then affects the health of the fingernail. When the health of the finger nail deteriorates, these funguses enter in to the nail and cause all kinds of damage.

Not all funguses produce black discoloration but a majority of them will lead to a yellow or brown discoloration. That is the very first sign of an infection under fingernail and it will look like a light yellowish discoloration on the fingernail. If the infection is left untreated at this stage, then it will grow and produce spores. At this stage you might start noticing dark brown or black fingernail color changes.

Not all fungus will look the same in an infection. There are various factors that may contribute to the different colors and looks of the infection. You will notice that many factors can affect the way your nail looks from the type of the fungus, the stage of the infection, the treatment that is attempted and the part of the finger nail involved.


When an Infection Advances

When you start to notice the black fungus infection it is already at the advanced stages of the infection. At this point one will notice a thick nail, a deformed nail, or a flaking of the nail. In more severe cases one can even see the peeling of the skin that is near the fingernail. One can even experience some severe pain at the finger tip.

It Can Be Prevented

If you are careful this infection can be avoided. The most common way of picking up this black fungi type of infection is by touching infected soil in the garden or decaying vegetation with your bare hands. That is why wearing gloves while working in the garden is certainly a great way to avoid it entering your body in this way. Besides wearing gloves you can also clean the fingernail frequently, or trim your nails, and by keeping the nail dry that also will help to prevent this infection.

Always be careful while working in the garden so you do not hurt your finger. If any injury does occur make sure and attend to it immediately as the black fungus can gain entry through these cuts and wounds very easily.

Some people also end up getting black fungus under toenails and that usually occurs through personal contact. Public places like swimming pools or public bath stalls are also a great source of infection. Plus if you tend to like getting a pedicure and manicure the centers that do this can also spread this nasty infection if they are using improperly sterilized equipment.

While it is very curable, prevention is very important to avoid getting a black fungus infection.



Black Fungus – A kind of fungus that produces black color under the finger nail.

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