Children With Nail Fungus

Children With Nail Fungus

Children With Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is also known as onychomycosis. Children with nail fungus are usually treated as untouchables among their friends. In Children with nail fungus, one or more fingers or the toe may be affected.


One can notice yellow or white spot in the finger or the toe in the beginning of the infection. This discoloration will slowly spread and soon the entire nail will be totally discolored. Besides this there can be thickening and crumbling of the nail. The child will suffer because there will pain.

Children with Nail Fungus Symptoms

The affected nail will be thickened. The nail will be brittle and one can notice distortion in the shape of the nail. The infected nail will certainly look flat and dull and would have lost its normally present luster. The nail in general may get green or brown or yellow coloration because of the accumulated debris under the nail. In case the infection is severe the nail may come out of the nail bed and the foul smelling will be distinct.

Causes of Children with Nail Fungus

The cause of the nail fungus infection is dermatophytes. Besides yeasts, moulds do result in nail fungal. These microorganisms thrive well in moist and warm environments such as nail bed, swimming pool, and showers. These microorganisms gain entry in to the body through invisible cuts and the gap that exist between the nail and the nail bed.

The children are more prone because they are too playful and the benefits of cleanliness are too early for them to understand. In addition to that the immune system of the children will not be at its peak performance. The nail fungus can be seen to trouble toe nails more than the finger nail because the toes are covered by shoes and socks but the people hardly wear hand cloves.

Treatment of the nail fungus in children

The nail fungus treatment is not all that easy because of the possibility of repeated infection. Nail fungus ointments, creams and lotions are available and the application of those remains very easy the efficacy is questionable. Oral medications are the other option for the treatment of nail fungus. Terbinafine, fluconazole, and itraconazole are the common oral medications that are consumed to treat nail fungus.

These oral medications needs to be consumed for a period of four months minimum because the new nail that grows which free of infection should replace the old infected nail. The only disadvantage here is that there can be complications like skin rashes , liver damage etc in certain people , hence are not at all recommended for people with liver disease, heart problem etc.

The children with nail fungus can be advised not to get exposed to the polluted environments and surroundings such as common swimming pools, showers, wash area etc. the children also made to understand the importance of hygiene in order to prevent nail fungus.
Dermatophytes – a group of fungi.
Fungi – it is microorganism bigger than bacteria and virus in size that can cause infections.

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