Is Curling Toenail Is Indicative Of A Disease?

Is Curling toenail indicative of disease? Many may have this doubt in their mind. Curling toe nail is not indicative of disease but it can cause infection of the foot .The curling toe nail both convoluted or involuted if not piercing the soft skin of the toe, is not considered as ingrown toe nail. But in most case the curling toenails damages the underlying skin thus causing infection. Curling toenail is a painful condition because of the inflammation caused by it.

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Who are prone for it?

The active persons like sport persons are more prone for it. The reason is that they sweat more. The children’s are also more likely to get it as they try to cut the toenail or play with it. The women too are more prone to it as they try to cut the nail too low to get relieved from the discomfort and pressure of an involuted nail.

What are all the causes for it?

There are so many genetic factors that lead to involuted or curling toenail. The gait of the person, the posture of the person, certain deformity of the foot such as hammertoes, bunion all can be considered as the causes for curling toenail formation. Excessive rolling of the feet also can contribute to the formation of curling toenail formation. The factors discussed above can cause the toenail to curl inwards or outwards instead of growing straight.

Wearing tight fitting shoes or socks, sweating excessively, and wearing shoes made up of synthetic materials can make the toe very soft. Hence the toenail that is curved even a bit, can make way in to the soft skin so easily thus setting up the infection. However the most common cause for ingrown or curling toenail formation is improper trimming of the toenail.

What should one do to prevent it?

One must learn to cut the nails properly. The best way is to use nail nippers instead of nail cutters. The nail nippers will have long handle and short cutting edges and will cut the nail straight without damaging the nail bed.

Good hygiene will certainly prevent the curling or ingrown toenail formation. Wear only shoes and socks made up of natural fibers that absorb sweat. Avoid wearing rexin or plastic shoes. It is advisable to wear open toed footwear in summer.

In case the person is diabetic, he/she must not try to cut his/her toenail on his own. It is appreciated he go the podiatrist to trim the toenail. Keeping the feet dry as much as possible will certainly prevent the toe from getting damaged by the ingrown or curling toenail.

There is no need for the question, is curling toe indicative of a disease? If one takes care while trimming the toenail as that is the common cause for the curling toenail formation.
Posture – the way one stands
Gait -the way one walks

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