The Diet for Fungal Infection that Turns Your Body into Well Oiled Machine

Fungi are the super powerful microorganisms that are capable of attacking our bodies and causing illness and disease when the immune system of our body weakens. There is a strong correlation between nail fungus and diet.

That is why it is so important to have an anti nail fungus diet that is free from all types’ of toxins. Using water as a cure also is a very important part of the diet. One must become very familiar with the term called “Water Cure”. You will find that the foods that one consumes on this type of diet includes  healing  juices, sea salt, and the types of fat that has healing properties.

The Evil Toxins

To have a diet that heals you want to make sure that it is free from any type of toxin. In the world we live in there are certain foods items that are not good for maintaining good health. Such food items like table salt, refined salt, hydrogenated fats, mono sodium glutamate, carcinogens, pesticides, and milk hormones, additives of the food, corn syrup, sugar, and chocolates are some prime examples of toxins most people eat daily.

Just Bad for You

There are other products like baking powder, refined oils, cheese from Bovine milk, junk foods, hot dogs, and hamburgers that can be grouped under the category of food that are bad for the health of the person. So a person who wants a fungus free diet should try their hardest to stay away from these foods.

Food that is Good for You

A diet to protect you from fungal infection must contain garlic and onions as much as possible as these two food products also possess antifungal properties. You will want to add them into your daily diet to help make your body strong in fighting off any types of fungus that tries to invade it.

Water vs. Fungus

Water cure means that water is a great liquid that can really cure a body. For it to really work a person must consume enough water, but how much is enough water? The answer is that you want to drink exactly half the weight of your body. So in cases where the person weighs 180 pounds then he must consume at least 90 ounces of water per day.

Also when you use this water cure you want to also consume a quarter teaspoon of salt with each quarter of water one consumes. Avoid alcoholic or caffeinated drinks because they are nothing but diuretics and they will actually dehydrate you. You should always remember that for every six-ounces of alcohol or the caffeine your body requires nearly double the quantity of water in order to hydrate the person.

More than half of our bodies are made up of water and every cell and every tissue. The processes like digestion, absorption, excretion and circulation depends very much on the water content of the body. Therefore water is very important as the foundation of the lymph nodes and in our blood.

Water maintains the healthy muscles, and healthy skin of our body. Plus it also regulates the body’s temperature and lubricates all the joints. That means that a person must consume a sufficient quantity of water in order to keep him or her in good health. If you do that you can avoid a fungal infection from setting in even when you get exposed to microorganisms that cause it.


Blood – The nutrient that carries the fluid of the circulatory system.
Carcinogens – The cancer producing agents.

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