The Dangers of Fingernail Fungus Pictures

Finger Nail fungus

Finger Nail fungus

Fingernail fungus is nothing but the infection of the finger nail that is caused by a fungal organism. While that might sound simple it is anything but simple. There are few million Americans that are plagued with this problem every year.  Not only is it ugly but it can be extremely painful and hard to get rid of.

While some people might have this they aren’t aware they have it and that is why fingernail fungus pictures can really be extremely helpful in identifying if you have it, what type you have and at what stage it is at.


How it Forms

Nail Fungus Signs

Nail Fungus Signs

Fingernail funguses in general prefer a moist and warm environment to grow and multiply in. Each of us, on each fingernail has a bed that serves as a good breeding place for these funguses. So anyone can really end up getting this disease.

The fingernail fungus enters the skin through any type of wound, cut or scratch that might occur near the fingernail. Then the fungus slowly reaches the fingernail bed where it grows and multiplies and starts causing all kind of problems.

Five Main Varieties

Different Varieties of Nail Fungus

Different Varieties of Nail Fungus

You will want to use fingernail fungus pictures in textbooks and that you find online to help you figure out which type of fungi you have and at what stage it is at.

  1. Subungual Hyperkeratosis – This one is caused when the skin under your fingernail becomes very scaly.
  2. Proximal Onychomycosis  - This one causes yellow spots to form on the white semicircle which is located at the base of your nail and it will eventually destroy your entire nail.
  3. Superficial White Onychomycosis  - It makes your fingernail rough in texture and can even cause the entire nail to flake off over time.
  4. Lateral Onychomycosis – This one is characterized by a yellow or white stripe at the side of the persons nail.
  5. Distal Onycholysis – It causes the edge of your nail to crumble and eventually it will eat away your entire fingernail.

How Pictures of Fingernail Fungus Can Help

When it begins and you look at a picture, finger nail fungus manage to turn a healthy fingernail slightly yellow in color. This is initial stage of the infection. As the infection starts to advance the finger fungus pictures start looking more like a dark brown or black in color.

But Be Careful

There are many people who are embarrassed of this problem and so they try to treat their fingernail fungus problem on their own and do not go to see a doctor. They do this by using  pictures and comparing their fingernails to ones they find online or in textbooks.

Treatment of Nail Fungus

Treatment of Nail Fungus

While this might seem like a good way to avoid the embarrassment of having someone see you like this, it is very seldom possible to cure it without a professional. You will find that the descriptions of the stages and the pictures might make the types and stages very distinct, however in reality most fungal infections look very similar to a non professional.

You really do need to seek a medical professional who can then do testing and offer you professional treatment. It really is the very best way to get rid of the awful fingernail fungus permanently.


Infection – Entry of the fungus in to the body and causing damage to the parts invaded.

Pathology – The science of dealing with the abnormalities of the parts of the body.

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