Granulation Tissue Ingrown Toenail Pictures


Ingrown Toenail

Granulation tissue in grown toenail pictures will help the people to understand more about the ingrown toenails and how they affect the health of the toe. These pictures can be seen in any medical book that is dealing with the pathology of the skin and nail. Ingrown nail is the painful condition as the nail curling inwards will pierce the skin of the toe, thus causing swelling, infection pain etc.


This ingrown toenail with granulation tissue formation has unilateral presence in nearly 80% of case but bilateral presence also certainly possible. This problem is more noticed in the great toe.

Risk factors

Granulation Tissue Ingrown

Granulation Tissue Ingrown

The most common reason for the ingrown toenail is cutting or trimming the nail improperly. This improper trimming results in curving of the nail in to the nail fold. The other reason that initiates the formation of ingrown toenail with granulation tissue formation is wearing poor fitting foot wears. Especially the tight fitting foot wears leads to the formation of callus in the nail fold.

Altered gait can also lead to the formation of the ingrown toenail. Any kind of trauma caused to the food can also result in ingrown toenail due to the damage caused to the nail bed. Conditions like obesity and hyperhydrosis can cause ingrown toenail with granulation tissue formation.


Congenital disorders like trisomy 13, unna-thost syndrome, pachyonychia condition can all lead to ingrown toenail. Comorbid conditions like hyperthyroidism, acromegaly, diabetes mellitus and pityriasis can all be considered as causative agents for ingrown toenail.

Different stages of ingrown toenail

Ingrown Toenail Fungus

Ingrown Toenail Fungus

There are three different stages that are noticed in the ingrown toenail formation. In stage one, one can notice edema, erythema and mild pain at nail fold region especially lateral nail fold region.

At stage two, there will be increased pain and one can notice discharge of fluid from the edge of the nail.

The third stage is the very important stage as the most significant changes takes place. The hypertrophy and the formation of granulation tissue of the lateral nail fold are evident at this stage.


Treatment With ZetaClear

Treatment With ZetaClear

In general soaking the affected toenail in the warm water is the best in case there is no bacterial complication. Inserting the cotton piece at the groove edge of the nail will help. In order to remove the granulation tissue formed, silver nitrate topical application can be tried. In case of presence of bacterial infection, antibiotic therapy is must. Antiseptic lotions and ointments can be applied over the affected area. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as steroids can be given to reduce the inflammation.

Presence of granulation tissue in ingrown toenail pictures is a common sight, and the same can be treated effectively as discussed above, is it not my dear reader.


Edema -swelling
Erythema – reddening of the place due to increased blood flow.

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