Homeopathic For Toe Nail Fungus

Toenail fungus is nothing but discoloration and disfiguration of the toe nail due to the infection caused by fungus. These infections are very common in aged person, main reason being the weakened immune system due to senility. Let us discuss about homeopathic for toenail fungus.

Nail Fungus Homeopathic Treatment

Etiology of toe nails fungus

Swimmers, sweepers and people who are employed for washing the dishes are more prone to this toenail fungus as they are constantly come in to contact with the water. Toe nail fungus is also noticed in patients who are suffering from AIDS, cancer, diabetes and any other circulatory disorders.

Now days more are more people have started wearing footwear’s made up of plastic rexin etc. These synthetic materials do not absorb the sweat from the foot thus favoring the multiplication of the fungus resulting in toe nail fungus.

The common risk factors for toe nail fungus

There are so many risk factors that are connected with toenail fungus infection. If the person tries to keep himself away from this risk factor then, the possibility of incidence can be minimized.

The risk factors are injury from hanging or in-grown nail, standing on wet place or constantly in touch with the water, using tight fitting footwear’s or foot wears made up of synthetic material, diseases of skin such as eczema, herpes, psoriasis etc, other diseases like malignancy, high blood sugar, immune deficiency diseases, steroids usage and prolonged chemotherapy usage.

Homeopathic treatment

The main aspect of the homeopathic treatment is that it doesn’t believe in external treatment i.e. tropical application of medicine. Homeopathic approach always believes in permanent cure by removing the root cause of the infection once for all, by internal treatment. This way the homeopathic treatment wards off any side effects and reoccurrence of the infection.

The person who attempts homeopathic treatment must have little patience as the medicine will take some time to start the action, but once the action is started, it will stop only after removing the cause completely. In the homeopathic procedure, the duration is longer than the other procedure [duration for the complete cure of toe nail fungus will be 5-6 months].

This is because the treatment should not be stopped till the toe nail gets back the normal texture, color and health. The main advantage of homeopathic treatment is it raises the immune level of the body, there by not giving chance for the reoccurrence and there are zero side effects of the treatment.

It is highly appreciated if the person takes the opinion of the best homeopathic doctor before taking up homeopathic approach for toenail fungus. The medicines that are used commonly in homeopathic treatment are acid nit, acid flour, alumina, causticum, graphites, sulphur, acid chrysarobinum, mezereum etc.
Homeopathy – treating the ailments using natural products.
Etiology- the cause of the ailment.

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