How to Get Rid of Nail Fungus?

If you have been plagued with toenail fungus for years and every time you get a look at your feet you start thinking about if it is possible for it to go away permanently. Many people who suffer from this disease think the same thing and wonder if there really is a cure out there for this painful and embarassing problem. Isn’t it time that you started figuring out how to get rid of fungus in your toes.


While toenail fungus won’t kill you, the social stigma attached to this condition is almost as bad. It turns a healthy persons toe yellow or brown and at its worst black. It also turns a normal nail thick and causes an extremely ugly appearance. You can no longer go barefoot or wear sandals in public as not only is it embaressing and can be painful but it also is highly contagious, to your other toes and to anyone else.


With this disease people stop feeling like they can move about freely in public places like gyms, swimming pools and the beach as other people will object because this toenail fungus infection spreads from one person to the other. Most people who get this horrible infection end up staying home and stop seeing friends and family.


Home Remedies

That is why it becomes imperative for you to find out how to get rid of toe fungus. You will find advice around every corner from books, friends, magazines,  and the internet regarding ways you can cure the malady of  toenail fungus. Some suggestions will be very simple, like applying tea tree oil, Listerine, Vicks vapor rub, while others will be very complicated,

like soaking the foot in a hydrogen peroxide solution, using bleaching powder for half an hour or so over two to three months.


All these treatments work on some people and don’t on others. If you have had this disease a while you might even have tried them. There are benefits to using home remedies from everyday products like they are fairly safe and also are inexpensive. The drawbacks are that they do take time, and time means that you suffer with this problem.


When All Else Fails Seek Medical Treatment

When you start getting very desperate as many people do with this problem, then you should head to a doctor.There are several options that doctors have to help you with this disease. They can prescribe topical medications that can kill the fungus and cure the condition or may offer you a prescription for oral antifungal medications like Griseofulvin or  Itraconozole.


No matter what option you choose, they do a great job of getting rid of the toenail fungus plus  these procedures have a scientific base and there is valid proof that they really do work. But the disadvantages here are the possible side effects like liver damage,stomach upset, headaches and they do tend to  cost a lot.


It’s a 4-Step Process

 But whatever route you go, whether its to use a home remedy or to seek medical help always make sure and follow a four step process and you you should finally get rid of your toenail fungus forever.

  1. Confirm the condition by seeking a  qualified professional.
  2.  Select  the treatment option you want.
  3. Follow  the treatment selected without any alteration and deviation.
  4. Stick with the treatment until your fungus is gone.



Liver – The important part of the digestive system that plays an important role in digestion.
Antifungal medications – They are medicines that kill funguses.

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