How To Prevent Nail Fungus

Prevention is the best remedy for any infection and this applies to the toenail fungal infection. This is more apt for toenail fungus since it takes months to remove the fungus from your nails. If unattended it might even lead to the removal of the toenail giving an ugly look to your toe. Most of the people consider the toenail fungus symptoms as some cosmetic change and ignore it. It is better to cure it earlier so that you can avoid spreading of that fungus to the other nails and eventually lose any nails due to the infection or through surgery.

How to Prevent Nail Fungus

People who use the public facilities like shower, swimming pool and gyms should take the appropriate preventive steps to avoid the toenail infection. Always wear protective shoes or sandals when you are in the shower.

Do not wear other people’s shoes or socks, as this may be the cause of spreading the fungus to your toe. If you have this habit you may contract the fungus from them if they are infected with a toenail fungus. You shoes should be dry before you wear them. Make sure they are dry between wearing. You can also use good quality talcum powder to prevent any infection.

Anti fungal sprays and powder can be placed in the shoes to fight off any fungus in it. Do not wear the same shoes daily. It is better to change the insoles often and dry them often. Do not keep your shoes in the locker since they cannot dry out easily in a locker. Orthotic devices can be added to avoid stress to the lower muscles in your legs. This also would help you to prevent infection.

Shoes that fit you well should be used. If your shoes are very tight and there are chances for your nails getting stressed and this causes the fungus to infect the nails easily. If you nails are too long that too will jam with the front of the shoes and there is chance for bleeding under the nails. This could also cause the fungus to infect your toes. Some people have feet that sweat frequently. Such people should use antiperspirant while they wear shoes.

Make it a habit to wash your feet regularly. After washing, dry them as soon as possible and don’t leave them wet. Avoid using nail polish. Some people apply layers of nail polish. This habit should be avoided. If you use nail polish it might trap the fungus in your nail and make it grow quickly. Trim your nails frequently and sterilize the tools that you use for trimming. Don’t cut the nail so closely so that you may damage the skin underneath. This might be a reason for getting the infection.

Medicated nail polish can be used to control the fungus and eventually remove it from your nail. If there are any symptoms of nail fungus approach your doctor and get treated. This prevents the spreading of the fungus to the other nails. You shower should be bleached at least once in a week to avoid any fungus in the shower. Shower mats should be washed regularly. It is better to wash them in hot water.

As we know prevention is better than cure, it is always better to adhering with these precautions, which might bring you fruitful results against the toenail fungus.

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