How To Treat The Nail Diseases?

Like any other part of the body, the nails are also prone for so many disease conditions. The treatment for the nail disease varies depending on the cause of the disease. Let us get little information about how to treat the nail diseases, here.


Treatment approach for nails diseases

The first and foremost requirement is the history of the nail disease. occupation will be the reason for nail diseases that are related to trauma like chronic paronychia. Family history of the person will help to diagnose the nail diseases [as psoriasis may bring about the nail changes]. The heart attack may be the cause for beau’s lines. Drug therapy may lead to the change in color of the nail. All these causes can be found out by proper history taking which will help for the treatment of nail diseases.

The nail must be examined thoroughly before starting the treatment. At the time of examination the toes and fingers must be in relaxed position and sufficient light must be provided for the examination. The polish must be completely removed before the examination of the nail.

If required the nail clipping should be collected and subjected for fungal culture or microscopical studies in case onychomycosis is suspected. Biopsy of the nail clipping can also be performed in case melanoma is suspected. The nail diseases must be checked for any connection with systemic diseases [leuconychia, clubbing etc]

Treatments of few nail diseases

Paronychia [acute]

This nail disease is due to infection caused by bacteria such as streptococcus pyogenes, and staphylococcus aureus. Tenderness, acute swelling and even accumulation of pus can be noticed at nail fold. Antibiotics such as cloxacillin and amphicillin can be used as they are very effective in treating acute paronychia. In case the swelling does not subside quickly, incision can be made in order to drain the pus accumulated. Analgesic also can be given in order to reduce the pain.

Paronychia chronic

This disease of nail is due multifactor condition. The factors are dermatosis [irritant], fungal or bacterial infection, and eczema [in case of psoriasis]. In order to treat this disease the all contributory factors must be looked in to at once. General treatment is antibiotic and antifungal drugs along with anti-inflammatory drugs. The person must try to avoid detergent, soap, and water as much as possible.

Dystrophy of nail due to psoriasis

This condition is extremely difficult to treat. Hence general is important. The person must avoid trauma. The person can use rubber gloves lined by cotton. Anti-inflammatory drugs can be given whenever necessary to reduce the swelling and inflammation. Topical application of calciprotriol can be tried as some say that got cured with it.

The person who has gone through above information must have got few in puts regarding how to treat nail diseases. One can be very sure about it, is it not?
Analgesic – drug that reduces the pain.
Anti-inflammatory – drug that reduces the swelling.

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