Ingrown Toenail And Homeopathic Treatment

In grown toenail is one of the common ailments that affect the feet of the human beings.


The person with the ingrown toenail will experience very severe and intolerable pain. The walking will be certainly a painful affair for the person. The reason for the pain is that the ingrown nail starts cutting the soft tissue of the toe while growing. As the result there will inflammation of the skin accompanied by swelling and pain. The big toe is more prone for this kind of problem. The pain will so severe that wearing shoe is almost impossible. Let use discuss ingrown toenail and homeopathic treatment for the same.

Etiology of Ingrown Toenail

The main cause for the ingrown toenail is that cutting the toenail too close to the nailbed. The stubbing of the toe is the other common cause for triggering ingrown toe nail.

The diet must be rich in whole grain. The reason is that they contain sufficient quantities folic acid and protein. For the formation of the hangnail, the deficiency of protein and folic acid is the major cause. The hangnail is the ones that develop in to ingrown toenails.

Besides adding sufficient whole grains in the diet, include vegetables [leafy] such as tomato, broccoli, and alfalfa sprouts as much as possible as they are also rich in folic acids. Include fruits like lemon, strawberry, and orange that are rich in vitamin C in case you want to prevent the formation of ingrown toenail.

If one doesn’t get enough vegetables and fruits to eat, he/she can consume nutritional supplements such as vitamin C [immune system gets boosted] and vitamin B [deficiency of vitamin B causes ingrown nails].

Homeopathic treatment for ingrown toenail

Magnetis australis is the best homeopathic ingredient that helps to prevent the ingrown toe nail formation by strengthening the nail. Thuja is considered to be the best in case the toenails are found to be too brittle. These ingredients have to be taken once in twelve hours for a period of one month to see the results.

In case the toenails were found to be infected, taking belladonna is the best. In case the tissue around the toenail is found to be tender then think of hepar sulph. Silicea can also be thought of in case the infection heals slowly.

All these homeopathic medications should be consumed once in every one hour up to ten times. It is advisable to consult the experienced homeopathic expert if there is no improvement noticed. For Ingrown toenail homeopathic treatment is the cheap and effective treatment.
Immune system – the system in the body that fights against infection.
Vitamin – these are “vital amines” [chemicals]. Their deficiency leads to many disease conditions.

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