Is Nail Fungus Contagious?

Have you ever noticed someone’s ugly yellow or brown or even black fingernails? It looks awful doesn’t it? Well unfortunately the reason those nails are turning those awful colors is that the person is being attacked by nail fungus. This type of fungus will attack anyone’s nails, it can be a person’s fingers or toes, the fungus is not selective and once they get inside they don’t let go unless you fight very hard to reclaim your nails. But is nail fungus contagious?

While the nails are ugly and even embarrassing most people have no idea just how bad it can get. The nails can fall off, are very uncomfortable are highly contagious. The only way to get rid of this fungus and neutralize it so it does not spread is by seeking medical attention. That means that a doctor will check it out and very probably offer you nail fungus antibiotics to help you kill the fungus right away.

The Case of Fingernail Fungus

It is very easy to see this problem on a person’s fingernails. It is a body part that one cannot hide and many people ask,” is fingernail fungus contagious”? Now you know it is and you should educate them if you see it. It can easily spread from one finger to another , as well as from one person to another and most people unless they have ever had it before, have no idea if that is what it is and just how catchy it can be, at least until they seek a doctor’s advice.

Why Toenail Fungus is the Worst

For those who end up getting toenail fungus the real issue is that they don’t notice it till it starts getting really bad. Most people put on socks everyday and don’t even pay attention to their toes till they go barefoot or want to wear sandals. So that gives the fungus lots of time to grow and multiply. If it’s their first experience with yellow toenails then they usually try to ask   “is toenail fungus contagious”?

Yes it is and the biggest problem that exists is that many people think it isn’t. They think it will go away and it won’t. Instead it will get worse and worse and worse. Not only that but ignoring this problem makes it even worse. They go to the beach and the gym unaware of just how big a problem toenail fungus contagious is.

Stop Spreading It

There are some ways that you can go about stopping the spread of this highly contagious disease even if you have it and are seeking treatment for it.

  • Refrain from sharing things like towels
  • Each person should have their own set of nail clippers
  • Always wear slippers around the house and never share them
  • Do not share hygiene related items
  • Cover your hands and feet with gloves and socks


In general, topical medications and other creams are usually not very effective against nail fungus. That is why a new medicated nail lacquer Ciclopirox (Penlac) topical solution has been extensively used in the treatment of nail fungus. You can also choose to take oral medications which a lot of people find much more convenient.

  • Griseofulvin  – For many years this drug has been used for fungal infections. But the data on how effective against nail fungus has not been researched. This drug is safer than other drug options though.
  • Fluconazole –  This is administered once in a week for several months. If the patient experiences impaired kidney functions, the dosage of the drug may be reduced.
  • Itraconazole – This drug can be used along with other drugs including antibiotics  or certain allergy medications. This drug is taken weekly or per month for 2 to 3 months.
  • Terbinafine  – This drug is often prescribed daily for 12 weeks for toenail fungus and 8 weeks for fingernail fungus. The safety margin of this drug is high. It is found to be more effective with fewer side effects.
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