Nail Fungus And Listerine

One must have certainly heard about the use of Listerine for the treatment of bad breath as mouthwash. But many would be surprised to know that Listerine is used for the treatment of nail fungus too. There are many people who confirm that their nail fungus problem is cured by soaking their foot or finger in Listerine. The users of Listerine are those who prefer home remedy and those who want to keep away from the side effects of allopathic medications. Few people use Listerine for the treatment of nail fungus after failing to get results through other procedures. Let us get to know the nail fungus and Listerine link here.

Nail Fungus Treatment

How to use Listerine?

Listerine can be used like any other soaking solution such as hydrogen peroxide, vinegar etc. The person who is trying Listerine solution to get cleared from the nail fungus must be prepared to wait for sometime.

Any soaking solution takes few months to cure the nail fungus. For the best effects the person must soak his feet in the Listerine solution not less than thirty minutes in a day.

The treatment must be continued till the appearance of healthy toenail in place of the infected disfigured and discolored nail. Skipping the treatment even a day will delay the treatment.

Listerine and vinegar

Different people have observed different things while using Listerine for the nail fungus infection. Some say mixing vinegar to the Listerine solution brings about the results much faster. This is certainly a possibility because the fungus doesn’t grow well in acidic pH.

Some people just mix vinegar in the Listerine solution and got away with quick results while some other people just paint mixture of Listerine and vinegar over the affected nail and still get the desired results faster.

The proof of efficacy

One must have heard so much about the effects of Listerine in treating the nail fungus through hearsay. But there is no scientific proof to augment that. There is not even a research conducted or data collected regarding the efficacy of Listerine in treating nail fungus.

Yet many people like to try Listerine to cure nail fungus. There is no harm in it as the Listerine is much cheaper than the prescription drugs [may cost even 8-10 dollars for a day's use] for nail fungus.

As far as side effects of the Listerine are concerned, there cannot be anything as the solution is used as topical application only. Don’t forget that Listerine is used as oral medication in curing halitosis. Considering all facts discussed above, one is bound to feel there exist some connection between nail fungus and Listerine
Halitosis – bad breath
Topical application- applied externally and not consumed through mouth.

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