Natural Remedy For Toenail Infection

The natural remedies are aplenty for toenail infection. The natural remedies are far and away the best and the cheapest. Let us discuss about it here.

Natural Remedy of Nail Fungus

Coconut oil

The coconut oil is the common household item irrespective of any country. Many success stories about the usage of coconut oil that are going round in the internet and magazines, that it gives amazing results in curing the toenail fungus. All one has to do is just apply the coconut oil over the affected toenail.

The toe area must be massaged after applying the coconut oil. This will enable the oil to reach the parts under the toenail. The toenail fungus problem will be cured completely after few months of regular use. The coconut oil is available everywhere and the cost of the same is also cheap. The application is so simple that the person will have no problem. The coconut oil can also be rubbed around the unaffected toenails in order to prevent the toenail fungus.


Vinegar is the other effective home remedy that fights against toenail fungus. Some people use white vinegar [distilled] while some other use apple cider vinegar, but the efficacy remains the same. The biggest plus point in using vinegar is that it can be applied as such or mixer with some other chemicals. The vinegar can consumed orally or can be applied over the affected toenail. In all routes of application, the ability to cure the toenail fungus is not at all altered.

The vinegar should be taken in a dropper and applied over the affected nail two times a day till the condition is cured completely. Besides that atleast once in a week the person must soak the affected toenail in the vinegar for a period of half an hour.

In case the person doesn’t experience any improvement, apple cider vinegar can be tried. There is slight difference in the usage here. The person must soak the affected area in the fifty /fifty solution of apple cider vinegar and water. This soaking must happen two times a day. In addition to that the person must consume water mixed with two tablespoon of apple cider vinegar three to four times a day.

There is yet another way of using the vinegar to treat toenail fungus. Here both the white distilled vinegar and the apple cider vinegar can be taken in fifty/fifty proportion. A little bleach can also be added to it, but the quantity of bleach added must be really less in order to avoid damages to the healthy part of the finger. The best way is to apply this solution over the affected toenail. In case the person resorts to soaking, he can go ahead, but the soaking time should not exceed 30 seconds.

Natural remedy for toenail fungus is gaining popularity because it is cost effective and there are no side effects. Hence, anybody for that matter doesn’t think twice trying the natural remedies.
Toenail fungus – discoloration of toenail due to fungal infection.
Soaking – immersing the affected portion in the medicine or medicine mixed water.

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