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The ingrown toenail is nothing but the nail edge growing right in to the underlying tissue and the surrounding soft tissue of the toe. Ingrown toenail is a painful condition and hence need early attention. Incase the ingrown toenail is infected the pain will be much more severe. Let us discuss about the in-grown toenail and the products used to prevent in-grown toenail.


Trimming the toenail

Trimming the toenail carefully is the simple at the same time best way to prevent the ingrown toenail. Here are few tips to maintain and trim the toenail, which will help to prevent the formation of ingrown toenail.

In case the person wants not to have the ingrown toenail, he needs to have short toenail but not too short. The best way is to cut the toenail in such a way that the toenail completely covers the toe and slightly longer than the toe edges.

While trimming the toe toenail, one must pay attention to the nail line. The trimming of the toenail must be across the natural toenail line in order to prevent the ingrown toenail formation. It is always advisable to use the good quality toenails clippers, so that they do not spoil or damage the corners of the toenail.

Tips for dealing with ingrown toenail

Try to wear the shoe that is not too tight and see that there is room for the toe affected. Never forget to soak the ingrown toenail in the antiseptic lotion on daily basis, which will help to prevent the infection.

Applying antiseptic lotion on the ingrown nail is also appreciated. Never and ever cut the extended portion of the ingrown toenail while attempting the treatment, as it will only worsen the situation. In spite of all the treatment, if there is no sign of improvement waste no time in consulting a doctor or podiatrist.

Products for ingrown toenail

In case you are looking for fast relief from ingrown toenail, try to use some of the products of the toenail that are discussed here.

Eloi ingrown toenail clipper

This is the best in business as far as ingrown toenail products are concerned. These are specially designed clippers to trim the toenail. These clippers when used they also prevent the formation of ingrown toenail and also help to treat them.

Seki ingrown toenail clipper [slant edge]

The cutting edges of these clippers are so straight that the toenails are cut with ease thus leaving no chance for the development of ingrown toenail. The size of the clippers is big to facilitate perfect grip. The podiatrist recommends these clippers.

Other Products for an Ingrown Toe Nail

Tender nail – it is a solution that doesn’t drip. This solution is very effective in easing the pain.

Ingrown Toe nail file – it is one of the best products for in-grown toenail. This thin file is used to cover the edges and the surrounding of the ingrown toenail. This file helps to reduce the pain. This file makes it easy while walking and using the affected foot for other purposes.
Antiseptic lotion – liquid that fights against the germs like bacteria, fungi etc
Podiatrist – specialist in care of the feet.

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