Scalp Fungal Infections Home Remedies

The microorganisms like bacteria, virus and fungi all are causing nuisance to the human beings as well as animals. These microorganisms present in the surroundings, when get an opportunity like weakening of immune system, favorable condition for their growth, and break in the natural barrier such as tear in the skin enter the body and cause illness. Here let us discuss about scalp ringworm a most common scalp fungal infection and homremedies for the same.

Fungal Infection

The ringworm of the scalp can be easily noticed as the round patches without hair can be seen with naked eye. But the condition can be confirmed after the isolation and identification of the ringworm fungus in the microbiological laboratory.

The physician in general advises oral antifungal medications to treat the condition. But the home remedies suggested below will help to cure the condition faster. The oral allopathic medications for fungal treatments are absorbed well if consumed with milk instead of juice or water.

Use of separate comb, hat, brushes

The scalp ringworm can spread from one person to the other through contaminated objects. Hence the other person should not use the objects like comb, hat, and anything that comes in to contact with the scalp used by the person with scalp ringworm. So using separate brushes, hats, and combs for each person in a family is the best.

Minimizing the scratching

One can be very sure that there will be severe itching in case of scalp ringworm infection. The person affected will be tempted to scratch the place instigated by the itching. But scratching can do lot of harm to the patient by aggravating the infection. The adults can be informed, not to resort to scratching. In case the affected person is child, then it is the duty of the parent to distract the attention of the child whenever he senses the itching feeling by totally engaging him/her in other activity.

Use of cap

Anybody for that matter, will find embarrassed to move about in the public with the scalp ringworm infection as the patchy infected area will be clearly visible to the others. The best thing to do is to wear a cap. Here the cap not only hides the patchy area, but also prevent you from scratching the area.

Herbs of importance

Tea tree oil, grape seed extract, (green) black walnut, and juice from fig leaves are considered to be few scalp infections home remedies. Just make a try as they don’t have any side effects.

Scalp hygiene

The scalp hygiene needs to be good. Regular head bath and drying the hair completely will certainly help to cure the condition as well as play a role in prevention of scalp ring worm. Never use the comb with sharp teeth. The damage caused by the sharp teeth may at times be a triggering factor.

As these creams can only eliminate the topical fungus and cannot do anything to kill the ringworm fungus present under the scalp and the hair follicle, don’t have too much hope on over the counter antifungal creams or ointments. Hence for scalp fungus infection like ring worm home remedies discussed above are the best.
Antifungal cream- the cream that kills fungus.
Fungus – it is a microorganism bigger in size than bacteria and virus that can cause illness.

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