Symptoms Of Nail Fungus

Nail Fungus Symtoms

Nail Fungus Symtoms

Nail infection is caused by a fungus, which comes under the group called Dermatophytes. The nail fungus is found to grow under the nail in the skin bed and causes the infection of the nail.

Statistics revealed that at least 35 million Americans are suffering from Onychomycosis and almost half of people over age 70 may have it.

You have to treat this nail fungus at the earlier stage when you see the symptoms. Otherwise it will be difficult to cure, as you will lose your nails periodically. Knowing the symptoms of the nail fungus will help you to overcome the infection and avoid the complications that arise out of this nail fungus infection.

Initial symptoms

The first symptom of nail fungus would be some change in the color of the nail. This can be found in patches. Some the patches may look white in color. Yellowish patch is also common.

It is found that some people have brown patches in the nail. This may also appear to be horizontal streaks of colors. If you know this symptom and start the treatment at this stage you can easily cure the nail fungus. Watch for these symptoms and try to cure it at the earliest.

The other symptom, which might occur, is a brittle appearance of the nail. The nail may also appear to be chipped. The nail becomes small pieces and this symptom is one that indicates that you are affected by the nail fungus.

Sometimes debris of the nail may also collect under the nails. If debris of nails or the nail crumbles then it would be difficult to wear socks. The socks would pull the crumbles and it would cause pain in your toe.

At a later stage the smell of your nail may be bad. If you get a bad smell from the nails then it is in the advanced stage and you have to treat it immediately.

If you’re suffering from nail fungus, you have difficulty walking. You may experience pain while walking. If you are experiencing this symptom then it is time to get it properly diagnosed for the nail fungus. Consult your doctor immediately. Walking with discomfort might prevent you from functioning properly and it will also divert you from doing any work.

Thickening of the nails is also a symptom of toenail fungus infection. Due to this thickening of the nail you might not be able to wear your shoes properly. Sometimes due to this thickening, nail might grow in and cause discomfort and pain. Such in growth of nails is also common if left unattended.

The nail infection if not treated early would lead to in-growing while the nail thickens. In grown nails causes secondary infection which needs further treatment.

Watch for the symptoms of the nail fungus and get proper treatment on time. Otherwise you will be forced to remove the nail totally through surgery and wait for the nail to grow again.

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