The Truth About Home Remedies for Nail Fungus

Onychomysosis or nail fungus  is defined as any fungus that grows under a  persons fingernails or toenails. If you or someone you know suffer from this disease you should know that there are different types of fungus that thrive under nails. While they are different they all do generally cause the same symptoms, like yellowing, peeling, splitting and irregular nail growth.


Toenail fungus are worse than finger ones because they usually start almost innocently with a white or yellow spot under the nail area and as it grows the infected nail then can become yellow or black and as it gets worse and worse it might even fall off.  The reason it gets as bad as fast is that nail funghi are extremely  persistent and can be very difficult to treat. While this problem sounds rather like a very minor and ugly  problem, it can turn a lot more serious and is exxtremeley catchy, so at the first sign of a problem you need to start taking care of it. You want to make sure it doesn’t get worse and it doesn’t spread.


There are many ways that you can choose to deal with this problem, one of the more popular ways most people start of dealing with it is by employing home remedies for toenail fungus. You can find a long list of  nail fungus home remedies by looking online, in books at the library or maybe even from your parents or grandparents. This problem is not new and the home remedies have been around a long time and the reason is that they do work on different types of funguses.


An Anti-Fungal Solution 

One important factor is that you need to choose the appropriate home remedy toe nail fungus treatment that is right for the fungus you have. The first step is to find an anti-fungal solution that you have at home, it can be something like, hydrogen peroxide, dilute bleach, straight or dilute white vinegar. All these items work really great for home remedies nail fungus substances that you can use.


This type of home remedy for toenail fungus usually relies on a variety of substances from nature that are thought to have anti-fungal properties. Some examples are Pau d’Arco, a Brazilian Lapacho tree product, which can be applied or drunk like in a tea, and tea tree oil, which is an essential oil from the stems and leaves of the Australian Tea tree. When using the tea tree oil, it should be consumed orally, but also maybe coupled with an oral dose.  Even the usage of essential herbal oils like olive leaf extract, thyme oil and oregano oil have a  reputation for curing nail fungus infection.


The Commercial Product Solution

On the other hand maybe you want to use one of the  numerous commercially available products offered by natural healers to help you get rid of of your toenail fungus. This includes the regular application of Listerine Mouth wash, or Vicks VapoRub. However, none of these products are a fast cure, they require you to use them for months before you might see any types of results.

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