Thick Toenails

Thick Toenail

Thick Toenails Fungus

One can notice that some people are having thick toenails. They are discolored also. The discoloration may yellow or brown. Thick toenails are certain to give unpleasant look to the foot. Besides the person will experience discomfort while wearing the footwear?


 One may wonder what causes thick toenails. There plenty of causes for thick toe nail. Poor health and inadequate nutrition can lead to thick toenails. Thick toenails can also be due to genetics and fungal infections.

None prefers thick toenails. Numerous home remedies are available; you can try any one remedy to correct this condition. Here a procedure to get cleared from deformed toenail.

To start with, better wash the instruments like nail clipper with antiseptic solution or alcohol. Take two-tea spoon of mild detergent [house hold] or betadine solution and mix it with half gallons of water, preferably warm water. Place the foot with the thick toenail in the detergent mixed water for about ten minutes. Please ensure that the toenail is completely soaked.

Take the cleaned nail clipper and cut the nail affected straight across. Clean the broken pieces of toenail and the debris that are seen around and the side of the nail using nail file and cotton.

Take a plaster [salicylic acid 40 %] and cut it to the size of the affected nail. Place the plaster over the nail. See that the plaster fits perfectly to the nail and then apply the adhesive bandage to secure the bandage in place.

Let the bandage and the plaster remain as it is for two days. Try to keep the toe dry as much as possible. Take care while wearing the foot wears so that the bandage is not disturbed.

Remove the bandage and the plaster after two days. Clean the debris once more while removing the bandage. Better to use nailbrush for cleaning. One can use the old used toothbrush also for removing the debris.

Now clean the area with warm water. One can use soapy water also for washing the area. Antiseptic solution needs to be applied to the area immediately after washing.

Correction of thick toenail may not be possible with one time salicylic acid treatment. One has to repeat the same procedure minimum of three to four times.

Incase if the thickening and the discoloration of the toenail was due to fungal infection, then you must have to use oral or topical antifungal medications.
Genetics – the cause of the deformity or the condition is transmitted through genes by birth.
Fungal infection – infection caused by fungus. Funguses are microorganism

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