Understanding Acrylic (Artificial) Nail Fungus


Understanding of Acrylic Nail Fungus

Now-a-days acrylic nails or artificial nails are gaining its importance among the wide range of population not only as a fun stuff and also help to hide out the discolored nails. Application of acrylic nails involves altering the appearance, thickening, or lengthening the natural nail by artificial means. Various methods including the application of a full preformed nail, any fabric wrap, or the application of acrylic liquid has been used for increasing the appealing of the nails.

Due to these procedures of application of acrylic nail over the natural nail, there is possibility of fungal infection in-between the two layers of the nails. You might think that this is not a big problem, but in reality, this type of nail fungus can be even of a worst thing. This is due to the fact that fungi grow without any hindrance in damp airless places that include warm sweaty feet, inside shoes, and also acrylic nails do restrict the flow of air around the nail.

Most of us prefer acrylic nail to hide the distorted and discolored fingernail without removing the cause of the disease. Once you apply an acrylic nail fungus won’t wiped out, it just put out of sight. Now it is more comfortable for the fungi to grow well in the airless atmosphere to destroy the natural nail. Possibly even more comfortably, it may spread to other toenails, and fingernails, or even worse they may spread to the skin in and around the nails.

Nowadays the women in great numbers than ever before prefer to go for nail spas, and getting pedicures and manicures. Unfortunately this artificial nail fixing procedures cause the fungus being trapped next to the natural nail in the moist, dark, warm environment for a quite long period.

Some of the nail care professional completed the job of applying the artificial nail over and above the natural nail that is harboring the fungus spores. This will not only promote the decay of the nail of the concerned individual but also the fungus spores will still be around when the next customer arrives. Then, these free flying fungus spores might get into a new nail to flourish in a comfortable environment.


If you fail to keep up a preventive regimen, and your feet get moist for a prolonged period, then the controlled fungal infection starts up again. You would still require- at least while you’re suffering from nail fungus- keeping your fingers as dry as possible. If your fingers do become wet, you should hand dried thoroughly, perhaps with a hair dryer.

An effective proactive preventive routine for your feet: Lamisil cream to the whole foot once a week, Fungoid tincture on the nails before bed, athlete’s foot powder (any brand) in your shoes, cotton socks, and last but not least the shoes that breathe.

If you’re preferring the services of artificial nail application, do enquire about the facility that follow strict rules of disinfecting and cleaning protocol that are followed in their premises.


Treating your nail fungus for a short duration may give you some relief but not eradication of the problem. Patience is bitter, but it bears sweet fruit . Also, the fungal spores may get impregnated in your shoes and socks. You can’t wash it off. Once your nail fungus infection is reduces or, in case if you can get it eradicated, you should throw away your old socks and old tennis shoes and replace them with new ones. You may require discarding your shoes and socks at least once in six months. All the best!!!

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