Understanding Toe Nail Abnormalities

Toe Nail Fungus

Toe Nail Fungus

Toe nail, its color, size all that matters to impart elegant look to the feet. One will be surprised to know that there are number of abnormalities of toe nail which will spoil the look of the foot.

The reasons are many for the abnormalities of the toenail. The major reason is infection caused by fungus. The fungus and its spores gain entry in to the skin through the scratches and the cuts that are in the toenail.

After the entry, they slowly move towards the nail bed to find the warm and moist environment and multiply over there. Hangnails, ingrown nails and any kind of injury around the nail are the other reasons for the easy entry of the organism to the nail bed [under the nail].

The abnormalities of the toenail can be in any form. The color of the nail may become yellow or brown, the thickness of the nail may be more and nail may be overgrown. In order to avoid all these abnormalities, one need take care of the foot more carefully. One needs to wash the foot very often. Try to keep the foot as dry as possible. Let the foot have more fresh air.

Many people are of the opinion that wearing shoes will avoid any kind of damage or abnormality to the toenail. It is wrong. Unless otherwise there is an injury to the feet, bare feet is the best as it will be exposed to fresh air and the feet also will be dry which is unfavorable condition for any kind of funguses. Hence there are very less chances of getting toe nail abnormalities as fungus infection is the major cause of toe nail abnormalities.

Never try to think twice wearing shoes when are in public place. Just simply wearing the shoe won’t be sufficient. One needs to pay proper attention in selecting the shoe. The size should be perfect and the material of the shoe also matters. Breathable materials like leather are much better than the synthetic materials like vinyl.

Misfit shoe itself can result in toenail abnormalities by way of injuring the foot thus allowing the funguses to enter and set up the infection. In some cases the shoes are the very reason for the recurrence of the fungal infection. One might have got cured from the toenail infection but the fungal spores that remain alive in the damp areas of the shoe may lead to re-infection. Just to avoid this spraying or applying the fungicide powder to shoe is always better.
Fungal spores – extra protection formed by the fungus to survive during the unfavorable condition.
Fungicide – the chemical that kills the fungus.

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