Vapor Rub To Treat Toe Nail Fungus

Treatment with Vapour Rub

Treatment with Vapour Rub

One may ponder what is the relation ship between vapor rub and toe nail fungus. Vapor rub, of course many would have heard about, why often have used it when they get cold. The mother used to apply the vapor rub gently over the chest, nose and fore head. The cold will subside gradually in a day or two.


Some might have used vapor rub vapor in order to clean the congested nostril and to subsequently reduce the inflammation of the upper respiratory system. Is it the vapor rub used for toe nail fungus? Yes it is. The same vapor rub that is used widely for cold is being used to treat the toe nail fungus.

This home remedy for treating toe nail fungus is certainly not the new invention or accidental discovery. This treatment has been in practice for so many years. Vapor rub can be directly applied on the toe nail [infected]. Alternatively the vapor rub can be mixed in the hot water and the toes and its nail are kept above the water basin so that the vapor comes in contact with the infected toe nail.

The mode of action of the vapor rub is quite simple. The oily substance of the vapor rub makes the toe nail soft. The other ingredient, methanol penetrates the already softened skin and kills the fungus.

There are contradictory reports about the effective ness of the vapor rub in treating the toe nail fungus. Some say that it works very well while some others say that vapor rub doesn’t treat the toe nail fungus at all.

Some people say that vapor rub works very well for children than the adults. But the fact is any tropical preparation will not kill the fungus if it could not penetrate the nail and reach the fungus.

The children toe nail is not that thicker, hence the vapor rub can easily enter the nail and kill the fungus thus curing toe nail fungus. There are various types of funguses that cause toe nail fungus. Vapor rub may kill some of them and may not be effective against others. This may be the reason for the mixed response from toe nail fungus for vapor rub.

Vapor rub certainly cures the toe nail fungus if the infection is early. This is because during early stages the nail will not be thicker; the vapor rub can penetrate the nail quicker and easier and kill the fungus.

The other advantage of the vapor rub is that it is not at all costly and available freely. There are no side effects for vapor rub. Hence it is certainly worth while to try vapor rub for toe nail fungus treatment.
Toe nail fungus – discoloration and thickening of the toe nail due to fungus infection.

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