The Healing Powers of Vinegar for Toenail Fungus

Did you know that using apple cider vinegar for nail fungus is a great way to keep your fungus away? The fact is that fungi, which affects nails, will get deactivated in an acid type of environment; therefore using this type of vinegar at least once a day can really bring about desirable changes in your toenails.

Healing Process of Nail fungus

How to Use Vinegar for Toenail Fungus

Though different types of vinegar help heal toenail fungus, white vinegar is all you’ll need to remove this nail fungus permanently from your feet. White vinegar may be poured into a basin to soak your toe or toes completely.

How Long to Soak Feet in Vinegar

Make sure to have your favorite novel or magazine handy before you start soaking feet in vinegar because keeping your feet in the vinegar basin should at least take a half-an-hour.  You will want to repeat this procedure of soaking your feet in the white vinegar daily for at least 6 months.

How to Treat Toe Nail Fungus

Some people apply vinegar-soaked bandage that can be worn all day, or paint the vinegar on two to three times a day. You first completely dry your feet after soaking it in the vinegar either by using a hair dryer or simply using a towel to dry off with. Also make sure to refresh the vinegar in the basin regularly.

How to Remove Fungus

This process is not fast, it may also take up to a year to work. Supporters of this method in treating fungus have confirmed that it does work as long as you soak or apply vinegar daily until the infection ceases. You can also start taking oral apple cider vinegar medication if you want to help speed things up.

Using the topical application of vinegar  works very well to heal toenail fungus by acidifying the nail. Then the apple cider vinegar you take orally attacks the fungal infection penetrating beneath the affected nail. The double attack by both topical application and oral prescription of apple cider vinegar and toenail fungus will subside. You should only take apple cider vinegar three times a day and take two tablespoons at each time.

Many people find the taste of this nail fungus vinegar is very objectionable. They mix it with other beverages, like carbonated beverages, and fruit juice. Since these acid drinks may ruin your teeth, brushing is also necessary afterwards.

The Results

Once your thick, yellowish nail and splotchy white areas are gone and you start to see the former healthy appearance, you might choose to discontinue the vinegar soakings. However, in order to take the best care of your feet and to  avoid a recurrence of toenail infection, make sure and clean, dry, and clip your  toenails in order to  keep them healthy and in great shape. Vinegar is a great choice as the prescribed medication for this disease can really tax the Liver.

Most of the patients who try this treatment for a nail fungus infection say it works for them. However, you will find that there are stories of both successes and failures with the vinegar soakings. You will even see some lucky  people who report that they had success with this method within weeks; other patients stress that you may have to keep at it, in some case for as much as a year or more.

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